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      Lastest News

      The 27th International Technology Exhibition on Household Paper and Toilet Paper

      2020-09-21 08:16:50

      The 27th International Technology Exhibition on Household Paper and Toilet Paper will be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Welcome to visit our booth. Booth number: 7E14.

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      2020 China International Paper Technology Exhibition

      2020-09-21 08:12:51

      2020 China International Paper Technology Exhibition will he held in Suzhou, China. Leizhan Paper Machinery Company will attend the exhibition with our advanced pulping equipment and professional engineer and salesmanager. Welcome to visit our booth to talk with our engineer and salesmanager.

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      2019 India International Paper Exhibition

      2019-12-06 11:10:45

      14th International Paper Exhibition successfully will be held in India. General manager leads professional technical team and sales team will attend the exhibition. Leizhan offer whole pulping line equipment to produce packaging paper, writing paper and living paper, etc.

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      The 26th Iran International Packaging and Printing Industry Exhibition

      2019-12-02 08:49:32

      The 26th Iran International Packaging and Printing Industry Exhibition, waste paper recycling industry exhibition. Whole set of pulping line equipment.

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      2019 Paper Exhibition In Egypt

      2019-11-21 01:24:23

      Paper making industry paper mill machinery, Leizhan Paper Machinery Company attended the 2019 paper exhibition in Egypt. Many new and old customers come to understand paper making information. Leizhan offer complete pulping equipment in paper recycling production line.

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      2019 Envirpro Paper Exhibition In Indonesia

      2019-08-29 09:10:16

      2019 international Envirpro Paper Exhibition held in Jakarda, Indonesia. This exhibit includes paper recycling line pulping equipment, paper machine, paper machine spare parts and water treatment equipment, etc. Our company attend the paper exhibition.

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      Paper Exhibition 2019 In Vietnam

      2019-06-27 08:55:15

      Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co.,Ltd has attend paper exhibitions in many countries, such as Iran, Egypt, India,etc. we have worked with many customers in Vietnam and start many paper production line projects.

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      UK-Henan Business Roundtable

      2018-06-15 01:46:29

      British Consul General in Wuhan attend Leizhan company conference, they visit our paper machinery manufacture factory, and praise a lot to our machinery, especially the excellent technology, zero pollution and low consumption.

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      Leizhan Attend 2018 Paper Vietnam

      2018-06-12 03:52:06

      2018 Paper Vietnam is held on 13-15th, June, as professional paper machinery manufacturer, we will attend with our high efficieny and high quality pulp equipment, showing the advantages for paper making friends.

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      Leizhan Attend Tissue World Bangkok

      2018-06-03 08:15:13

      Leizhan is going to attend the exhibition held in Thailand, the booth number is 120, we will be there with our advanced pulp equipment and paper machinery, we are able to supply the complete set of paper making line, Email: leizhanchina@gmail.com.

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