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      Home » Project Case » Europe


      Home » Project Case » Europe

      130TPD Tube Paper Pulping Line Ukraine

      Leizhan complete paper pulping equipment has successfully worked for Ukraine 130tpd tube paper pulping, the complete tube paper pulping line perfect performance are satisfied by Ukraine paper mill.

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      Leizhan to Supply High Density Cleaner to Sweden

      Leizhan has received an order from Sweden customer to supply two set of High Density Cleaner pulp cleaning machine for for paper pulp production line.

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      Straw Pulp Processing Machine In UK

      The new project of British customer is to produce high quality pulp from straw by new technology which is suitable for high grade paper products making.

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      Pulp Equipment

      Leizhan pulp equipment can be satisfied your production and quality requirements, it contains the following categories :

      Pulper Equipment

      Screening Equipment

      Refiner Equipment

      Cleaner Equipment

      Conveyor & Agitator

      Thickener Equipment


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